• background
    We build rock solid software technology.
    End to end data solutions using machine learning, computer vision,
    graphs and data science.

Our products


Using historical data with statistics and machine learning for optimizing e-commerce stores. Automatic price optimization and sale forecasting for inventory management. Find out more about FutureMargin.

Custom projects

Computational graph software

Custom database and computational solutions for storing, manipulating and searching graphs. Graph structure detection, dynamic visualisation, time and memory optimized algorithms. Graph isomorhism search, custom shortest path type algorithms and tools for viewing and editing industrial graph data.


Record video of your run with iPhone camera and get automatic analysis of your running technique. Run faster, reduce injuries and improve your running style. Automatic pose analysis using computer vision. Visit RunForm and download the app for iPhone now. This is a project with blackslide.

Image processing apps


Linxy helps you quickly obtain information when reading books or magazines. Simply point Linxy on a text and instantly obtain word explanations or definitions. Learn new words and facts, quickly and with style. Augmented reality and fast automatic text recognition. Find out more about Linxy - Augmented reality dictionary.


I had the great opportunity to work with EvenPixel team on a novel and comprehensive project in the area of expert systems. Their broad experience in computer and mathematical engineering, sound technical background and goal oriented approach allowed us to materialize initial ideas into the reality that topped our expectations by far, however, still performed within the required time and budgetary constraints. EvenPixel team is the particular support you need when dealing with complex development and pioneering projects.

I've enjoyed working with you and you are really skilled.

We are impressed with the work EvenPixel did producing our Radon app. Their creative team was highly professional, talented, and took great care ensuring we were educated in the process. Communication was easy and our expectations were more than met. We are recommending them to our colleagues in Canada and the US.

Our services

We work with clients to define and create unique intelligent products. We combine experience in developing state of the art technology and bringing it to production. Custom projects we've developed for selected clients include statistical data modeling, graph processing or visual object detection. Please get in touch if we can develop a custom software solution for your needs. We focus on:

Selected projects for clients

  • Image processing libraries
  • Machine learning, computer vision and data processing products
  • Computer vision running human pose detection
  • Algorithm R&D, analysis, implementation and optimization
  • Feasibility studies and state-of-the-art overviews